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Paardencoaching: True Humanship

Geen Natural Horsemanship, maar "Humanship".

Een originele benaming, die bovendien de spijker op de kop slaat.

Een bezoek aan: is zeker de moeite waard.

De auteur slaagt erin om de essentie van coachen met paarden in 1 blz. duidelijk te maken.

Een extract:

In a nutshell, Humanship is horsemanship. Horsemanship as a bigger picture. It is about the physical techniques and skills of placing the horses' feet where you want them whether on the ground or ridden with the addition of the exploration of the effects of your personality on the physical outcome. Humanship is about the whole relationship between you and your horse, all the parts of each of our characters coming together to create the relationship as it is now.

Humanship is horsemanship plus.

We, as how our horse does, see the reflection of all he has created to be our reality and experience right there in our eyes.

As true to the laws of physics; every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction. In other words everything we think and do has an impact somewhere, on something.

We are in a relationship with all around us; not only people; animals and insects and the environment as well. Things, both seen and unseen.

In any relationship with people we can only directly change ourselves.

Therefore, it follows that in a relationship with things other than people, that the only thing we can change is ourselves as well. This means in our relationship with our horse, we can not change the horse directly. However by directly changing ourselves we can have an effect on our horse.

If we focus change on the outside of ourselves this will set about the use of undesirable methods for building relationships; the use of force, intimidation, fear, manipulation and the like. In our modern world we have a tendency to look for the answers to change from the outside. We are bombarded everyday with a great range of things (products and services) to change our lives. Buy this device, take this action, go to this workshop, read this book, etc. The problem is not in the things themselves, it becomes the reliance on or the dependency to the things. Sure, some answers can be gotten from these things, not so much in a direct way, more in the form of opening a door, being a catalyst or showing a path that we can adapt to work for us.

All along the answer is within each of us. We always have ourselves with us. After all we are the best ones to know ourselves, except for maybe our horse.

If we boil everything in this world down to a common denominator; everything is energy; protons, neutron, electrons and photons.

There is no difference between a thought in our head and an action in the horse's feet. It is all connected. It is all energy.

Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and judgments are all stored within us as energy and are transmitted or communicated in very subtle (and not so subtle) ways by way of body language. As a horse is a body language expert at the very least, he will know exactly who you are and where you are at, at any given time.

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