dinsdag 8 december 2009

CEO van Volkswagen liet zijn management team paardencoachen

zijn getuigenis leest u op de site van Monty Roberts en ook hier:

A Join-Up Story: Excerpt from Clive Warrilow's speech to the 1998 graduating class of the Business School of Oakland University.

"I became acquainted with Monty Roberts shortly after coming to Volkswagen of America in 1994, and was truly inspired by the techniques he used—kindness and respect for the horses he trained rather than the traditional method of breaking an animal’s spirit.

His basic philosophy was that the teacher must create an environment in which the student can learn—which is simple, direct and honest. A true life learning. “You can’t push information into an unwilling brain,” says Monty, “There’s no such thing as teaching, only learning.”

The experience was so powerful to me . . . It fits perfectly with the style of leadership that I had been experimenting with since the early eighties.

After our [Volkswagen’s] reorganization, I took our remaining executives back to Santa Barbara so they could experience Monty’s techniques and philosophy first hand. As we all walked single file around the training corral, I remember haring more than a few remarks and some mumbling under the breath about “What are we doing here?” and “Where are the cocktails?”

And then, people began to experience what Monty Roberts could achieve with a horse that had never before had a bridle, saddle and rider. This was not just about a horse. It was a metaphor for a style of management that says people will be better employees if you treat them with dignity, respect and honesty. Trust goes a lot further toward winning people over than ordering them around.”

- Clive Warrilow, CEO Volkswagen

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