zondag 13 juni 2010

Photoshoot of the Equiboosters by Erik Derycke

Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming Erik Derycke at Equiboost. Erik is an icon in Belgium when it comes to photography. Over the past 15 years, he became an acknowledged national photography expert. Not only is he the chief editor of Shoot (specialized photography magazine), he is also a very talented photographer AND an incredibly pleasant person to spend time with. Erik is also reputed for his encyclopaedic knowledge about a wide variety of subjects and has won several European awards.

During his visit, Erik especially bonded with Panter. Panter instantly took over Erik's breathing pattern and followed the photographer willingly - something we are not quite used to, as Panter prefers to keep his distance.

Enjoy some of the images Erik has sent us - we're looking forward to receiving the full cd rom containing over 270 images !

Thank you Erik for this wonderful gift and fun afternoon !

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