zondag 20 juni 2010

Trusting horses make safe horses

The importance of working with trusting horses is often neglected. Some hippotherapists work with a bridle in the horses mouth, so they are able to 'restrain' the horse should something go wrong. It is an approach based on fear, not on trust. The horse will always pay attention to the movements caused by the bridle in its mouth. The horse will not focus 100 % on the coachee and will, by consequence, not deliver maximum impact.

You can create trusting horses by allowing them to live as 'horselike' as possible - with lots of freedom, lots of space, lots of opportunity to move around freely and most importantly, by allowing them to live in a herd and as a human being, think, feel and act like a horse.

You will rarely see horse therapists and horse coaches working with more than one horse. One horse is easier to observe and 'master'. However, you gain far better results by working with a herd of horses, as the other horses always indicate what is going on in the environment (family, partner, work situation, ...) of the coachee. The perspective is broadened, more issues can be resolved, the correlation between people and situations becomes literally 'visible'. Many horse therapists and horse coaches are afraid to put a person in the middle of a herd - what if they start running? what if they start fighting? an accident may happen ... Horses senses these worries and again, do not focus 100 % on the coachee.

Equiboost puts people in a herd of horses who are walking around freely, without any restraints. This allows the horses to focus 100 % on the coachee and his or her issue, which in turn guarantees optimal results. By giving trust, you gain trust - and more importantly: safety.

This is - indeed a bit simplified - explanation on how 'new' and 'unknown-to-the-horses' people can move freely and safely between the horses - even children, as these pictures below show. It was the first time Mathijs met the Equiboosters.

Pictures taken by Erik Derycke. Thank you Erik.

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