zondag 25 augustus 2013

Czech writer, composer, painter, philosopher Michal Čagánek at the Equiboost Horse Coaching Center

Michal Čagánek is currently writing his newest book "Teddy Buddha" at the Equiboost Horse Coaching Center. 4 of the 5 chapters are finished today. 2 horses will play a role in his book. Earlier this year, Michal's book 'Zastaveno' was also translated in English (Stop Time). His work shows resemblances with Eckhart Tolle and is influenced by buddhism. His goal: to inspire and teach people to find and allow their Well Being through easy and fun to read stories based on real life and the many encounters this artist has.

Michal has also been composing new songs with harmonica, which will be added to his impressive list of over 100 songs, having already 3 CD's with guitar music in his name, creating new danses, playing music to Anaya who totally LOVES it and leaving his fingerprint (or better: hand palm and inspiring quotes) for inspiration to others. 


Thank you Michal for giving such a positive and creative energy to our Horse Coaching Center.

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Crowd Funding voor een traktor

José stelde als oplossing voor om een Crowd Funding project op te starten om geld in te zamelen voor een traktor met toebehoren om het Paardencoaching Center netjes te kunnen houden.

Zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Hier vindt u de link:


Kent u mensen, organisaties, vzw's of bedrijven die geïnteresseerd kunnen zijn in deze uitwisseling, dan mag u hen steeds deze link doorsturen. En wie weet, ontmoeten we u volgend jaar tijdens 1 van de projecten ?