zaterdag 2 november 2013

Equiboost becomes The ONENESS Adventure

When we first started coaching with horses back in 2006, we named our project "The Orange Stable". The reason for this is very simple: we had painted our stables, graciously put at our disposal by Marc Pareit in Vichte (Belgium), orange, as we wanted to bring warmth and light to people's and horses' lives, just like the sun.

Equibooster Panter at The Orange Stable in Vichte 

Along the way, we came to realize that horses had way more to offer to humans than we had ever imagined possible. The name "The Orange Stable" simply didn't do anymore - it did not express the richness of what horses have to offer. We started thinking about a new, more meaningful name.

In 2009, Equiboost was born. In Equi, we find Equilibrium, latin for 'balance', and it also refers to Equus, latin for horse. We chose EquiBOOST because we noticed that horses gave people a real 'boost' - boosting their competences, boosting their confidence, boosting their self-image, bringing out the very best in people. The Equiboost slogan, as can still be seen in the Equiboost logo today, became "horses help people find balance". We relocated to Brussels where we had more prairies for the horses, as their wellbeing has always been and will always be our first priority, we created and we started this blog in order to raise awareness around the many benefits of coaching with horses and allow people to follow the development of Equiboost and stay informed of the latest Equiboost and horse coaching news. As quality in horse coaching was really poor in the Benelux in those days, our main focus was professionalism and quality. Equiboost evolved into "Setting a new standard in Coaching with Horses".

Equiboosters Oro, Feinheit and Impresse in Brussels

We soon felt the need for a more professional and private location with an indoor riding arena and a guest house to offer lodging as well to our coachees who participated in our clinics and trainings, so we wouldn't be bothered anymore by the rain or other people walking by during a horse coaching session. For months, we only worked part time and explored Wallonia, Luxembourg, Germany and finally France searching for a suitable location. Guided by Oro, we found the current Horse Coaching Center - Chez Oro at the end of July 2010, on the last day our deadline expired. What a 'coincidence' indeed ... We could now fully act upon our life philosophy and offer the Equiboosters a true horse paradise with 20 ha of prairies and forest where they could live as freely and naturally as possible in a herd and offer the coachees total peace and privacy in an amazing and beautiful setting, surrounded by nature and the four elements.

The Equiboosters at the Horse Coaching Center in France

A car accident abruptly put an end to our plans, but our dream remained intact. The past years were hard, unspeakably hard, and every time the pain or yet another treatment or again a new "don't pass start go directly to prison" (remember monopoly Shane, that was such good fun ! Volim te !) hospitalization pushed us to giving up our dream and returning to Belgium, Oro pushed us the opposite way even harder, silently, always present, always giving, never asking for a single thing, never judging, always caring, always protecting. It took me over a year to fully realize what he had been doing for me - then, and going back, from the moment we've met. The puzzle started falling into place, piece by piece, and Equiboost became "Beyond coaching with horses by Anke Santens", because the connection with horses has nothing to do with the exercises you give them or the coaching methods you integrate in horse coaching. That's just 1 % of the story. It's basically all about BEING, connecting with horses is about connecting with your true Self and with the true Self of others - seeing them for who they really are. I've been teaching this in my training program since 2009, but had never fully grasped to what extent this is true. I had the priviledge and joy to connect with, grow and learn from so many wonderful people over the past few years - people I might never have met without the car accident, living at 300 km/h, racing through life. Thank you all for that ! And most importantly, my little Princess Anaya was born. Life simply had to slow me down to adjust to the pace of a newborn.

And the ride doesn't end there. The story continues, as Equiboost is no longer 'my' project, or a 'thing' of the Equiboost horses and myself. Over time, it has become 'our' project, the project of all who wish to be a part of it, each in his or her unique way as all roads lead to Rome, resulting in the Equiboost Ambassador concept. It always has been an 'us together' thing, except I didn't see it that way. Equiboost is no longer about a person, a horse, a place, or the Horse Coaching Center in itself, or even horse coaching for that matter. It does not matter much, it is a detail, only one of many ways to bring the message of unity. Even if one day, as the dark clouds brought by the accident have not all disappeared, there is no more physical place, Equiboost will continue to exist. It has a life of it's own and is a Consciousness in itself. I didn't create Equiboost. Equiboost created me. It's all a hologram. Finally realising this, takes a whole lot of responsibility of my shoulders. It's about being part of a whole and being whole as a part.

Anyway, when Contance Funk replied to the Equiboost Ambassador concept last week, she wrote :  I am very open to connecting with you across the ocean and helping to create an international gathering---finding your email is a very special synchronicity since I am having 5 horsewomen friends over to my home on Sunday to discuss our individual and group vision about where we are all heading in 'answering this call'---it is definitely an interspiritual, multicultural, oneness adventure and I did not get a chance to read your entire site, since there is so much incredible info, but I truly resonate with every word and image. THAT'S IT, I thought. That is the true essence of Equiboost. It is a Oneness Adventure. It is one of the millions of wonderful ways to express the interconnectivity of All that exists. I've been signing personal blog posts with Mitakuye Oyasin for years now, thinking I understood - but I clearly understood only the theory and had not fully integrated the true meaning yet. Only recently, when 'jumping', I truly "got it" - thank you Connie for reminding me and being such a luminous mirror ! And when Laura Bedford wrote to me today : "We use far, far, far too many words that feel heavy and filled with over-efforting. "Adventure" resonates strongly for me", I thougt: that's it, why wait ? Time to change the name of the blog, and in doing so, lifting the frequency of the energy linked to this blog. So bye bye Equiboost - beyond coaching with horses by Anke Santens. And welcome Equiboost - The ONENESS Adventure for and by all humans and horses.

Boy it FEELS great !

Mitakuye Oyasin
By all and for all humans and horses


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