zaterdag 30 november 2013

Equiboost takes Coaching with Horses yet again to another level - coaching with horses WITHOUT the horses being present now possible !

During the past years, we have been thoroughly studying quantum physics and have been applying the laws of quantum physics in coaching with horses.

Doing so has enabled us to take coaching with horses to unseen levels in terms of results, time and space.

Where most of the horse coaches need 5 to 10, sometimes even more sessions to obtain a result, we have been able to reduce the average number of horse coaching sessions needed to 2. In some cases, only 1 horse coaching session was enough to 'deblock' a coachee in a wide variety of issues. In rare cases, where the cause of an event that has been experienced, consciously or unconsciously, as traumatic, and therefore has been lingering in the deepest levels of the unconscious mind, which is a natural protection mechanism set in place to preserve the coachee, 3 horse coaching sessions were needed. We hereby encourage horse coaches and horse therapists, who need more than 3 sessions to 'deblock' a coachee or to put a stop to unwanted behavior or limiting belief systems, to ask themselves questions about how to improve their methods. The prime goal of any coach or therapist consists deontologically of guiding people to autonomy - not making them dependent of coaching or therapy. 

In terms of durability of the results, we have noticed that most colleagues could only reach a temporary result, with their coachee falling back into an unwanted behavior or unstable state of mind after a couple of days or weeks - and thus keep coming back for more horse coaching sessions, or giving up on horse coaching as an effective coaching or healing method. All of our results from the past 3 years, have proven to be durable, and lasting, regardless of how much time has gone by since the Equiboost horse coaching session took place. The reason why other colleagues fail where we succeed, is because they stay stuck in pure cognitive exercices and working on behavior, ignoring the deeper levels of mission and identity, and lacking knowledge on how to integrate quantum physics in coaching with horses. This is one of the reasons why we keep stressing the importance of understanding what you are doing, what you are working with, as a horse coach and how coaching with horses really works. We have repeated it many times: it has nothing to do with the body language of the horse. Recent bioneurologic research about balancing left and right brain through coaching with horses takes a step in a more adequate and tangible scientific explanation, but yet only describes symptoms of what happens in the human body when a horse and a human connect on a (sub)conscious level, and continues to miss the 'why' or 'how', the cause, which lies on another, even deeper level. We explore and explain the real process that happens during a conscious interaction between humans and horses, based on the laws of quantum physics, during our 3 year professional training.

In terms of applications of coaching with horses, we started with pure cognitive exercises and methods linked to NLP and the enneagram for example, working mostly on behavior and organising teambuildings for companies. This is the easiest way of coaching with horses, which can be learned in 1 to 2 weeks time. It is what we offer in our professional training program, the Filly Class. 90 % of the current horse coaches have remained at this stage, which explains why they need so many horse coaching sessions. As we found this method slow and not efficient for all clients, we integrated other coaching methods such as constellations, also known as systemic coaching, along with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches also used in psychology, counseling and psychotherapy. This considerably broadened the number and complexity of applications of coaching with horses, including addiction, psychological problems, trauma, etc.. This is what we teach you in the 2nd year of our professional training, the Seabiscuit Class. Yet, we were not satisfied, and wondered if coaching with horses could, apart from psychological or mental problems, also heal physical problems like chronic diseases. And in 2012 we discovered we could, by integrating quantum physics into coaching with horses. This is what we propose to you in the 3rd year of our professional training, Oro's Class.

This year, investigating how to integrate the fact that energy doesn't know such a thing like time or space, both concepts that find their foundation in the limited linear thinking that has its origins in the 16th and 17th century with Copernicus, Newton and Descartes (it's about time we leave that mechanical science behind us, wouldn't you think so ?) and which we all grew up with, we started to experiment if horse coaching would also be possible without putting a person next to the horses. Earlier this year, we have published an article where indeed, the horses responded to the coachee while the coachee was not present. This allowed us, as a horse coach, to get insight in the structure of the coachee and the problem the coachee is dealing with - but the coachee, for whom the horse coaching session is of course intended, has no benefit of this approach, as the signs and the proposed solutions by the horses, can not be seen or experienced 'live', and thus can not be integrated, and no result can be obtained.

We found a solution 'by accident' (those who know 'coincidence' doesn't exist, may smile together with us) last week, when we met a lady in a class we took about vibrational medecine, also known as quantum medecine. This lady didn't know that a thing like 'coaching with horses' existed. During our training, we were required to bring our partner in a state of expanded consciousness, and resolve an issue of our partner while being in this state of expanded consciousness, by guiding our partner to the real cause of the issue. These techniques are quite similar to past life regressions and karmic therapy, for those familiar with the subject. As over the years, the Equiboosters and I have become totally one, our energies have 'melted together', to put it in a very simplified way, easy for all readers to understand. You could say - not quite accurate, but again, our aim is to keep our information accessible to all, so thank you for indulging - that I carry their energy with and in me as they carry my energy with and in them. We are separate, unique individuals or energies, and at the same time we are a whole, an entity existing on its own. For example, my baby girl Anaya was born at 5 past noon on January 3rd of this year. The 'really heavy' labor started around 11.35 am, to grow even more intense in the half hour that followed. While I was giving birth to my little Princess, a 'horse sitter' was with the horses. I later found out, that on January 3rd, around 11.30 am, all 4 Equiboosters started acting crazy, running wild through the prairies, kicking and making the weirdest sounds. The girl who was staying with my horses, alarmed by their unusual behavior, went into the prairies to try to calm them down. Nothing she did worked, on the contrary, they gradually started to act even more wildly and totally out of control, to a point it even became dangerous for her to stay there and the girl had to leave the prairies. The horses continued with this behavior until 5 past noon, and then gradually calmed down. They were all peacefully grazing around quarter past noon, as if nothing had happened. As a small note: I left France on January 2nd 2013 around 15 h - so 3 pm. The contractions started when arriving in Paris around 19 h - so 7 pm. We arrived  in Belgium shortly before midnight, and drove to the hospital around 5 am when it became obvious it wasn't 'false alarm'. I gave birth to my daughter in Belgium, while the horses remained in France. The horse sitter had no idea labor had started, and that my little Princess was born. I let her know when returning home, 5 days later, that Anaya had been born. When checking my emails a couple of weeks later, I found an email of the horse sitter, dated January 3rd, describing the 'spooky' behavior of the horses, and got the full story 2 months later, when returning to France. I guess that even the most rational mind, might frown his eyebrows at this 'coincidence'. It is my belief that my horses have experienced the birth of Anaya together with me and I consider it as proof that energy knows no time or space. 

Anyway, let's return to this lady. I brought her in a state of expanded consciousness, and asked her to go to the cause of her issue, as one can always find the solution to a problem by going to the cause of it. She described she saw a horse, standing there. I asked her to invite the horse to come to her. The horse slowly walked up to her and laid his head on her shoulder, in a gentle, caring, protective way. The lady started crying, because she could feel the unconditional love of this horse, and she felt perfectly safe, cherished and loved. I told her to ask the horse what his message was. 'Have faith. Trust yourself,' the horse answered, at the same time sending her faith and trust which 'downloaded' into her being. And again, the lady cried, as she recognized she had always been doubting herself and underestimating herself, allowing others to 'overrun' her and invade her personal space. I brought her back to a normal state of consciousness and gave her a moment to digest her experience with the horse. Curiosity pushed me to ask her afterwards: 'Can you describe the horse you saw ? What was its colour ? Was it a male or female horse ?' And the lady described Oro in great detail. I couldn't believe what I heard at first. No way ??!!?? I took my wallet and showed her a picture of Oro. 'That's him ! That's him ! That's the horse I saw !' she exclaimed, and started crying again, dazzled. Later that week, she regularly got 'flashes' of Oro (a phenomenon that often occurs after an Equiboost Horse Coaching session, coachees who have had this experience will certainly recognize this), at moments she started to doubt herself, and found herself instantly filled with confidence and trust. She admitted feeling lighter, like freed of an invisible burden that she had been carrying for too long, and feeling full of vitality and energy, with a very clear mind on what to do next in both her personal and professional life, at the end of the week, and left the class much more relaxed and balanced than she was upon arrival. She called me on her way back home, asking to thank Oro, and expressing she wanted to visit him.

Now what's the big deal ? you might ask. This experience may be an indication that it is possible to bring people in contact with the Equiboosters through an expansion of consciousness. It may imply - again - that horses are able to deliver their message and their strenghth regardless of space and time as stipulated in quantum physics. It means, theoretically, it is possible to propose horse coaching sessions to people no matter where they are, without the horses being present. This could open doors for sick people in hospitals, disabled people or people with limited financial ressources who are unable to come to the Equiboost Horse Coaching Center to meet the Equiboosters in person.

We feel extremely excited about this discovery, and are of course eager to experiment more.

We'll let you know our results in 2014.

Until then,
Mitakuye Oyasin


PS : We feel it is important to let you know that we do not have a "special gift". On the contrary, we are rather a "what I don't see myself, I don't believe" personality (so we investigate everything we don't believe - and have often found ourselves VERY surprised to discover the opposite of what we believed to be TRUE). Everybody with an open mind, can learn how to coach with horses, can integrate quantum physics consciously in his or her life and can learn consciousness expansion techniques. It's simply about connecting the dots, making your left brain shut up from time to time, exploring the endless possibilities of your right brain, finding your way back to your Inner Ecosystem and not simply reacting to your Outer Ecosystem, and most of all: not stopping where everyone else stops. Remember, science is only true until the opposite has been proven ...

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