maandag 16 maart 2015

AyanRa vzw supports 'alternative clinic' project for chronic diseases

After a car accident in 2010 with traumatic brain injury and all the secundary complaints that go hand in hand with TBI, the idea rose to offer victims of a car accident an alternative to conventional medicine, whose only advise for these injuries so far is : "rest, avoid all stress, learn to live with it, take a pain killer".

Physical and financial obstacles made it however impossible to realise this idea.

This may now change, as AyanRa vzw, a Belgian non profit organisation aiming to improve and restore health and wellbeing through natural and non-invasive solutions, has decided to support the project of an 'alternative clinic'. More information about AyanRa vzw can be found here

More information about the project "Healing from chronic pain and chronic disease" can be found here. A brochure in Dutch, French and English will be published shortly.

Biofeedback practitioners can team up here.

Non-profit organisations working with and for chronically ill patients, can become a partner of the project here. Partnership allows a 10 % discount for the members of the organisation.

You can read the announcement of AyanRa vzw here.

The decision of AyanRa vzw was announced barely 2 weeks after the court ordered that a corrupt MD, working in service AG Insurance, who has been refusing for 4,5 years now to pay for the damages following the accident, could continue the medical expertise (read the report of the court hearing here - sorry, Dutch only). Despite approximately 350 pages of proof and arguments, the judge considered that the corruption was insufficiently proven and that he saw no need to appoint a new court expert. The outcome of this medical 'expertise' is, best case scenario, expected for April 2016. A new hearing has now been requested to ensure that all medical evidence is taken into account and further delays and corruption schemes by AG Insurance can be avoided. The alternative is to request an investigation into the medical corruption in 'invisible injuries' that has been going on for years in the Belgian courts. Such an investigation will delay the entire court procedure with several years. Similar cases show, that the Belgian prosecutors systematically refuse to investigate complaints regarding this matter. As far as we are concerned, we stick to the old saying : che sera, sera. We focus on our healing process, the development of the 'alternative clinic' and trust that all that happens, happens for a good reason in regards to the evolution on the soul level.   

Research has also shown that many people develop fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome after a car accident with concussion, diffuse axonal injuries, post traumatic stress disorder and/or whiplash. SMV has launched a short 10 question survey (sorry, Dutch only) to get a better view on insurance fraud regarding these illnesses. We warmly invite victims of a car or other accident to fill in the survey and share it with others. You can find the survey here.

To be continued ...